December 10, 2010

Ogie, Regine wish for baby boy after the wedding

In just a couple of days, Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez will finally tie the knot in what is said to be the "wedding of the year" come Decemeber 22, 2010. So, what's next for this couple?

Regine has openly expressed in previous interviews that she wanted to have a baby soon. Both she and Ogie are wishing for a baby boy.

"Actually, kung kami po ay papalarin at bibiyayaan ng Panginoon ng anak na lalaki, pangatlong Herminio sana.." Ogie said. Herminio is the singer/songwriter's real name.

"Maganda sana 'yun dahil wala pa akong anak na lalaki. At parang gusto naman ni Regine ng anak na lalaki," he said. "[But] whatever the Lord grants, of course, we will accept and be very thankful for that."

Ogie has two daughters with ex-wife Michelle Van Eimeren, namely Leila and Sarah. If lucky, he wants to add a little 'Herminio' to the Alcasid family.

"[But of course] si Regine hindi na rin naman ganoon kadaling magkaroon ng baby. If we will be granted by God with a child, we'll be very, very grateful and thankful."

Meanwhile, Michelle, former beauty queen hailing from Australia, will not only attend Ogie's second wedding but will also help in its preparations.

"Si Michelle ang gagawa noong flowers ng entourage at ng pinaka-boquet ni Regine," Ogie said.

As for the floral arrangement in the wedding reception, florist Badang Rueda will be the one in charged.

For his two daughters, Leila will be the bridesmaid and Sarah will serve as the Bible bearer if permitted in a Christian wedding.

In earlier interviews, both Ogie and Regine expressed their decision not to have a honeymoon because of their hectic schedules and showbiz commitments right after the wedding.

Instead, the couple will have a short family outing in Bohol which is like, according to Ogie, a "Christmas outing" for the whole family.

With just a couple of days left before the wedding, last minute preparations are being handled "in every detail. Regine and I are preparing ourselves spiritually with some people," Ogie said.

Ogie was also asked if President Aquino would attend the wedding, and the groom confirmed that PNoy would be one of the groomsmen.

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