October 28, 2011

Unique Wedding Proposal: UCLA Flash Mob Proposal

Who says that a romantic wedding proposal cannot be achieved in this age of social media?

Last September 24, 2011, University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA) witnessed the romantic flash mob proposal of Nam Tran to his girlfriend Trang Vu that put others to shame.

It took Nam weeks and weeks of careful planning and creative thinking to pull off his magnificent wedding proposal to Trang. Nam, a former student of UCLA, organized a flash mob at Bruin Plaza, outside the UCLA study room, where he and Trang first met. Nam drafted 200 people, including their friends, his family, and Trang’s parents (who live miles away) to participate in the flash mob.

Upon stepping out of the student store, Trang was so surprised when the people outside suddenly started to dance a choreographed routine in the tune of Frankie Valli’s classic, and Trang’s favorite love song, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”. Trang was all the more surprised when Nam, her own parents and loved ones joined the performing mob. And when the mob circled around the couple, Nam expressed his love for Trang.

“I just want you to know that I want to be your partner in life in everything we do, no matter how big or how small, and I love you so much, and if you let me, I want to make you feel happiness the way you make me feel happy from now until we grow old together,” Nam‘s sweet words.

“I promise our days together will always be filled with laughter and adventure and music and horrible dancing from my part and you have the most beautiful heart and you have my heart,” the soon-to-be groom added before he got down on one knee and asked Trang, “It’s always been you love – will you marry me?”

At that point, everyone in the area, including Trang, despite being slightly embarrassed, was already shedding tears. And after pronouncing Nam “so cheesy”, Trang gave her sweetest “yes” to Nam.

Indeed, no other proposal can top this one-of-a-kind, exciting, and (yes) slightly embarrassing, but truly heart-warming and romantic proposal. Good luck Nam and Trang!

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October 21, 2011

Kasal.com Real Weddings: Camp Kasal

Wilson and Kei reception outfit
If most couples dream of glamorous formal weddings, this pair of newlyweds we got to know definitely doesn't fall within the category. After 15 years of being acquaintances, 10 years of being best friends and 5 years of being a couple, Wilson George Sison and Kei Mamangun-Sison finally decided to tie the knot in the most exciting and adventurous way they could – a camping vacation.

Both being adventurous types, they decided to share a part of themselves with their friends and family through CAMP KASAL – a three-day celebration of their wedding in Negros. Delicious food, good accommodations and exciting activities, an unforgettable wedding experience awaited their guests.

Wilson George Sison and Kei Mamangun Wedding....

October 18, 2011

Pia Guanio Ties the Knot

“It was very solemn, very meaningful and it was very heartfelt.” This is how TV host Pia Guanio describes her wedding with businessman boyfriend (now husband), Steve Mago.

Pia confirmed last Sunday that she and Steve had their relationship blessed last October 1. Pia claims that it was not actually a wedding ceremony but just a Christian blessing. That is why they made it as private as possible. She also shared that they preferred just a few guests to be able to concentrate on the ceremony, on the blessing. 

However, Pia later on admitted that the “Christian blessing” was actually a civil wedding since, as she stated, “nagkapirmahan na ng kontrata

Pia said that the material wedding preparations, which were spearheaded by Steve and his family, took only a couple of days, but their “spiritual preparation took a month”. It was their Victory Christian Fellowship pastor, Paolo Punzalan, son of late Ms. Helen Vela and Orly Punzalan, and brother of Princess Punzalan, and his wife Jen, who guided the couple as they prepare themselves for the event. He was also the one who officiated the Christian blessing.

The 5:30pm intimate Christian blessing/civil wedding happened in the garden of the home of Steve’s parents in Ayala Alabang, and was witnessed by only around 50 family members and closest friends of the couple. Pia revealed that most of her showbiz friends did not know of the occasion. She further admitted that even Jerome Salaya, who created her simple short beige wedding dress, did not know that he was working on Pia’s dress for such occasion.

She also shared that during the intimate ceremony, she was crying and everyone else was crying. She said that every single person in the garden really felt the presence of God, and it was as if there was no typhoon (Quiel).

Pia also addressed the people who were not at the ceremony that there will be more public events in the future. She revealed that she and Steve are planning to have the church wedding in Europe next year.

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October 11, 2011

The Longest Wedding Veil

Who says that only celebrities can have sensational weddings?

An Italian couple tied the knot lost month and caught the world’s attention by setting the Guinness World Record for the longest wedding veil worn by a bride on her wedding day.

Elena de Angelis and Ferdinand Pucci had a romantic wedding ceremony in Casal di Principe, Naples, Italy. Elena, the bride, wowed the crowd with her epic veil measuring 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) in length and 2 meters in width. The couple passed through the village’s streets on a vintage car, while 600 people, on procession, helped carry the bride’s record-breaking headdress.
Wedding Photo from Dailymail.co.uk

People lined up the streets of the village to watch and applause as Elena unveils her 3 kilometers wedding veil.
Elena, with her cream bridal dress and literally long wedding veil, arrived at the church with Ferdinand blissfully. And as the couple walked out the church and greeted the entire village of Principe as newly-weds, the 600-strong helpers neatly and carefully carried Elena’s larger-than-life wedding headdress.

The epic bridal veil was designed by Gianni Molaro Compania. Gianni Molaro said that he used 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) of white silk cloth to finish his wedding masterpiece, with the help of dozens of seamstresses. Molaro and his team were able to create the record-breaking wedding veil in several months. He said that this creation marks the turning point of his career as a fashion designer. He also added that he wanted this creation to symbolize hope and peace. True enough, Gianni Molaro achieved that goal by uniting the people of Principe, as they gathered and observed in unison Elena’s Guinness-holder wedding headdress.

Indeed, Elena had the most memorable day of her life. She married the person she loves the most and she set a world record at the same time. Who would not love to have that romantic and record-breaking wedding?
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October 4, 2011

Dindi Gallardo's Vintage Chic Wedding

Former Binibining Pilipinas-Universe (1993) and actress, Dindi Gallardo, finally tied the knot last September 7. The United States-based actress, who awed the Philippines in the 90’s with her statuesque beauty, got married to her longtime friend, Eric Mills, in New York.

The couple exchanged vows at the New York City Hall before their closest friends. This was followed by an equally simple wedding reception.

The Gallardo-Mills wedding had a vintage chic theme. The theme was Dindi’s idea, believing she is an “old soul.”

“I never thought that a wedding could be so easy, stress-free, and extremely affordable,” shared Dindi. The couple wanted a simple and intimate wedding ceremony, but with their wedding theme, they got even more than what they wished for. The couple’s wedding turned out to be a radiantly simple yet classy celebration.

Dindi and Eric planned their wedding strictly within their budget. Dindi is proud to share that their budget did not even go over $1000. She wore a vintage mini-dress, which she bought online for only $45. To add elegance to her dress, she accented it with a 1940 vintage veil bought at a vintage shop for $25, and a vintage purse. The baby’s breath bouquet was made by Dindi, herself, and their wedding rings were bought online. And to work their budget out, they just relied on their own cameras.

The couple is really happy about their one-of-a-kind vintage-themed wedding. But besides the ceremony, Dindi and Eric will not forget the random people they met and had their pictures taken with as they walk to the city hall. An American magazine even asked the couple if their wedding could be featured in the magazine.

Truly, it is not the money that matters in a wedding. What a couple need is their LOVE for each other, and their heart and will to have a memorable ceremony. Congrats Eric and Dindi!
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