August 16, 2011

Wedding Proposal Through A Video Game

How can anybody propose through a videogame? Gary Hudston tell all of us how.

Gary proposed to his girlfriend Stephanie on her 21st birthday through a Portal 2 video game, a medium he relied on to express his feelings.

What made his in-game wedding proposal unique is that he reached out to the modding community and was even able to get the support of Portal 2 creators,  Valva Software. The wedding proposal was voiced over by none other than the game's lovable villain, GlaDOS'.

Stephanie already had an inkling that his birthday gift would be extra special, she just didn’t realize the lengths Gary would go through to make it one. After opening her birthday present, she played the game just as Gary requested. By the time GLaDOS was asking Stephanie the question, she was in tears. And who wouldn’t be, when after hearing the voiced over proposal, the man beside you is down on his knee with a ring?

Tagged as one of the best video game marriage proposals of all time, Gary's video game proposal sets the bar for other video game fanatics/romantics. 

Want to enlive the romance? The talented modder who helped Gary graciously made the proposal mod downloadable.
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August 9, 2011

Kyla and Rich: December Wedding

Local celebrity singer Kyla and professional basketball player Rich Alvarez have announced some of the long awaited details of their wedding.

Though they did not disclose their exact wedding date, they have announced that it will be on December, before Christmas day. The traditional wedding will be held in a church in Manila.

Confirmed ninong and ninang are Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. Included in their list of secondary sponsors are Jolina Magdangal and Rachelle Ann Go. She also shared that almost all of them are her co-workers in GMA-7’s musical-variety show Party Pilipinas and other close friends.

Cocoy Lizaso will be designing Kyla’s wedding gown. Some of the wedding details will be prepared as soon as Rich is back in the country from Dubai.

Their pre-nuptial photos taken by Nice Print Photography can already be seen online.
Prenuptial Photo Shoot of Kyla and Rich.
Photo by Nice Print Photograph
The photo shoot was done in the Virgin Beach Resort in Batangas where the couple posed with the breathtaking view of the land and seascape.

Kyla plans to surprise Rich on their wedding day with her own musical composition. She admits that she found it difficult to write a song for their wedding day but she knows that the song will come as their wedding comes close.

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August 2, 2011

In Vogue: Wedding Gown with Detachable Wedding Train

The image of a bride walking down the aisle is somehow not complete without a long wedding gown train trailing behind her.

However, a long wedding train may not really be appropriate if you will have an outdoor wedding reception where your pristine wedding gown will be susceptible to grass and even mud stains. A long wedding train also limits the bride's movement to freely mingle with her wedding guests and may look out of place in an informal wedding program.

How to have the best of both worlds? Popular bridal gown designer Edward Teng suggests a wedding gown with a detachable wedding train.

Wedding Gown with Detachable Wedding Train
by Edward Teng
Wedding couturier Edward Teng shares, "very much in vogue, this fashionable yet sensible wedding gown idea allows brides to have the romance of formal wedding gowns and the practicality and modernity once the wedding train is detached."

You may put the wedding train for your walk down the aisle or for your wedding photo shoots, then remove it for an outdoor wedding reception or when the party starts.

Best of all, without the wedding train, you can actually reuse your wedding gown for other formal functions or engagements. Just add embellishments or accessories and you can transform your wedding gown into another fashionable formal attire.

Visit Edward Teng's bridal shop for more design ideas on wedding gowns with detachable wedding trains.