June 28, 2011

Romantic Wedding Proposals on the Net

Is it just me, or are men being more romantic with their wedding proposals?

Several YouTube videos of wedding proposals around the world are going viral. These videos differ in styles and strategies to pop the question but all of them were unique and creative. I’m sure most women are dreaming of the same romantic wedding proposal after watching these videos.

Featured in Yahoo!, a serviceman in Kansas City proposed to his girlfriend in a baseball stadium. He proposed on the giant stadium scoreboard and surprised his girlfriend with an earlier than expected homecoming. 

This next proposal entitled “Making the Movies Jealous” by Matt and Ginny have reached 15,640,322 views in YouTube, highest for the “wedding proposal” tag. Ginny is in the cinema waiting for the movie to play. When the movie played, she was surprised to see Matt and her father on the big screen. Matt created a video asking for her father’s permission for her hand in marriage. After the father’s approval, Matt rushes to the cinema and finds Ginny. They even have a website now at www.mattand ginny.com. 

Other proposals circulating around are wedding proposals via videos in billboards in busy places such as the New York Times Square. A lot of these videos are circulating in YouTube and other social networking sites.

One other YouTube video with 41,190 views is from “mcquade71”. His proposal to Heather was through a fake acting audition as Heather was an actress while he was a comedian. As he wrote, “
There are four takes, and in each one the casting director keeps telling me to improvise on the written (fake) script. In the last take, she tells me to completely improvise the whole thing. And so I propose with a real ring instead of the toy I've been using for the previous three takes, and a real proposal I wrote (I was so nervous I didn't get it exactly right.)” After several takes, and after seeing the real ring, she finally got the idea that it was a real proposal. 

For guys planning to pop the question anytime soon, check out what’s already been done out there online. You might catch an idea that could make your own proposal as special and unforgettable as well! Good luck!

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June 24, 2011

A Thank You from Lani to Bong on their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrity couple and political figures Lani Mercado and Bong Revilla have just recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and renewal of vows last May 28.

It has been widely publicized that the Revilla family life did not come as easy as some other families. They have had their fair share of problems that were also under public scrutiny.

Their wedding was a huge affair with celebrities and political figures gracing the ceremony and the reception. But behind all the glitter and shine of the silver gowns and tuxedos worn on that day, it cannot be overlooked how the love between husband and wife has endured for more than two decades. Their vows were heartfelt, sincere and touching.

"I never suffered because I love you, our children, our family. The love makes us strong through the trials," her voice trembled as she held Bong's hands and faced the altar. "Thank you for teaching me how to forgive. Now, I know myself more.  Thank you for teaching me to be a public servant like you."

Lani also clued people in on who wanted to bring them down.  “We made it through”, she told Bong, "despite the  you-know-what department."

Bong gave Lani his message as a reply, "I am yours alone forever," and that he will always "choose her to be his wife and mother of his children."

Married life is certainly not easy. Lani and Bong’s 25 years of being together shows that love and marriage can endure the most difficult trials life can throw at you. It is a process of learning and growing together as a couple. May they be an inspiration to other married and soon-to-be married couples.

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June 21, 2011

Kasal.com Real Weddings: Love Across Cultures

The best love stories are often those of love without boundaries.

Think of Romeo and Juliet, Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara, Prince William and Duchess Katherine or even Mother Teresa's love for the poor. These love stories tell us of how love can reconcile differences and surpass all hardships.
Joseph Rana Biswas and Nancy de-Sagun Biswas wedding
Joseph and Nancy in their
Bangladeshi wedding outfits

Joseph Rana Biswas and Nancy de-Sagun Biswas have celebrated their love into marriage despite cultural differences. Joseph being Bangladeshi and Nancy being a Filipina, their love story is a real life testament to love's ability to span across cultures.

Nancy tells Kasal.com how they celebrated both love and cultural diversity in their very special wedding day.

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June 14, 2011

Alfred Vargas – Husband and Father; Wedding Bells this 2012

In an interview last June 1 with Ricky Lo for Startalk TX, actor turned politician Alfred Vargas publicly revealed that he was indeed a husband and a father.

Vargas said that he and his family kept their marriage a secret because his wife, Yasmine Espiritu, was not a showbiz personality and the family requested for it to be a private matter.

“Gusto ko talaga sabihin from the start, pero yun nga, gusto nila private. Hindi naman kasi showbiz si Yas, at alam mo naman baka maintriga pa kaya mas mabuti ngang private na lang muna,
” Vargas explained.

Their civil wedding ceremony took place August last year at the Supreme Court of the Philippines. They revealed that Espiritu was already pregnant by then. She gave birth to their child, Alexandra Milan, in Italy two months after the wedding.

Despite the public not knowing about Vargas’ family life, he stressed that he never really hid the relationship since his ABS-CBN teleserye “Mutya” co-actors and other friends knew about it.

“Pero siyempre at this point,  I'm a public figure and I would like to thank you for giving me, or my family the opportunity na para masabi ko rin na I'm proud I'm married and I have a very beautiful wife, and I will love her forever and we're happy family,” he said.

Vargas also expressed his content with his life saying, “at this point in my life, I think everything is perfect.”

By 2012, Vargas plans to marry Espiritu again, this time for a church wedding. It was scheduled for last March but was pushed to a later date because of the death of Vargas’ father last January.
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June 10, 2011

Lani and Bong’s 25th Wedding Anniversary and Renewal of Vows

Senator Bong Revilla and Representative Lani Mercado are not just public officials and local celebrities. Their 25 years of being together as a married couple has proven that they are also committed husband and wife to each other.

The Wedding

In celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary, the couple decided to renew their vows at the Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus at the Villamor Airbase in Pasay City, South of Manila.

Silver was of course the color motif of the day as the renewal of vows took place on their silver wedding anniversary.

Present at the wedding were of course their children as well as their five grandchildren. Eldest daughter, Inah del Rosario was matron of honor. Sons Bryan Revilla and Ramon Jolo Revilla III stood by their father’s side as best men.

With the celebrity and political status the couple has, principal sponsors came from politics, business and showbiz.

Some principal sponsors are former Presidents Joseph Estrada with wife Loi Ejercito, Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Fidel V. Ramos.

Other principal sponsors are Amelita Ramos, Mayor Alfredo Lim, Gretchen Cojuangco, former Senator Ernesto Maceda, Rep. Cynthia Villar, former Speaker Jose de Venecia and wife, Rep. Georgina de Venecia, Ramon Ang and Teresita Ang, GMA Network CEO and Chair Felipe Gozon, Regal matriarch Mother Lily Monteverde, Menardo Jimenez, former President and CEO of GMA Network, Filinvest Chair and CEO Mercedes Gotianun, SM Group's Henry Sy Jr.,   Elizabeth Quisumbing, GMA Network EVP and COO Jimmy Duavit, Armida Siguion-Reyna (represented by son Carlitos Siguion-Reyna), business tycoon Manny Pangilinan, GMA Network SVP for Entertainment Wilma Galvante, Viva Entertainment Big Boss Vic del Rosario and TV host and talent manager Lolit Solis and TV host  Geman Moreno.

Also present as secondary sponsors were Philip Salvador and Lorna Tolentino (candle), Rep. Manny Pacquaio and wife Jinky (veil) and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and wife Precy Ejercito (cord).

At the church ceremony, Mark Bautista and Rachelle Anne Go sang some wedding songs for the couple.

The Reception

The reception was held at the Harbour Tent of Sofitel Philippine Plaza were more celebrities were seen.

The pregnant Regine Velasquez and husband Ogie Alcasid performed the song “Ikaw Lamang”.
Hosting the event were Iza Calzado and Paolo Contis.

Bong and Lani’s children also performed the song “I’ll be There” sang by the girls, and “Lean on Me” by the boys. Other family members were also present. Bong’s father, former senator Ramon Revilla was there with his brother Strike Revilla and sister Andrea Bautista-Ynares.

Also present were Sen. Loren Legarda, former First Lady Imelda Marcos, Assunta de Rossi, Gladys Reyes, Ricky Davao, Rez Cortez and Paul Cabral, the designer of Lani's gown.

To further make the wedding more special and memorable than it already is, the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra also serenaded the guests. La Diva singing trio also performed the song “The Prayer”.

Bong and Lani’s love story was performed through a dance interpretation on stage while a video of friends and relatives’ messages and comments on the couple were also shown.
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June 7, 2011

Rachelle Ann Go on Marriage

Rachelle Ann Go admits that she and boyfriend John Prats have been talking about marriage just like any other couple. And despite rumors of their break-up, Rachelle clarified that she is very happy with John.

"Sobrang we're okay. We're very happy. Hindi ko alam kung saan nanggaling yung mga (breakup) issues. Maybe because wala kaming issue? Siguro yung mga tao, 'ay wala na yan?' Nung umpisa parang dedma, saan nanggagaling? Hinahayaan na lang namin," she said in an interview with Yahoo! OMG! Philippines.

She further shared that they are just simply busy with their careers, as both have ongoing projects, which limit their time together.  

Closeness to John's Family

Rachel appears to be close to John's family as she spent time with them in Singapore last February and also during Holy Week in Kuala Lumpur.

Rachel said that they make her feel like a part of the family because of all their support to her and to their relationship.
She has nothing but praises for the kindness of the Pratts family.

On Tying the Knot

With her closeness to John's family, will wedding bells be heard soon?

"Ganun na ba ako katanda?” Rachel joked. “I'm turning 25 this year. Siya, 27. And siguro, maraming nag-(sasabi) na, 'o baka it's about time for you to settle down,” she continued.

The issue may have come up because both of them are in the marrying age.
Though they have talked about marriage, there are no concrete wedding plans yet.

Rachel said they just want to enjoy their relationship for now and they would not want to rush or be pressured into marriage.
She added that the right time for marriage will be when she feels that it's already time.
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June 3, 2011

Zsa-Zsa and Dolphy Wedding?

If people can recall, Philippine's Divine Diva Zsa-Zsa Padilla and Comedy King Dolphy were all set to get married in Las Vegas 7 years ago. Wedding invitations were already sent and Zsa-Zsa's wedding gown was already made but the wedding had to be cancelled last minute.

The wedding 7 years ago was cancelled because technically Zsa-Zsa was still married since her annulment was not yet finalized.

In Ricky Lo's Philippine Star Column last May 21, he stated that the court has finally granted Zsa-Zsa's petition for annulment with finality.

With Zsa-Zsa's annulment papers finalized, the people are now wondering whether the long-delayed wedding will finally push through.

In an interview, Zsa-Zsa said that she did not know yet whether a wedding will happen. She also jokingly said that Dolphy has not yet proposed and she did not want to assume anything.

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