September 30, 2011 Real Weddings: Destiny

We got the ff. email from newlywed Darrell and Timmy last August 28:

Darrell and Timmy
Hi! Good day! We are Darrell and Timmy, and we just want to share with you our love story. How we started, how we lost and found again each other, how we planned our big day, and how typhoon falcon almost ruined our wedding. We know that everybody has their own love stories to tell, more interesting and more romantic than ours. But we are sharing this to you for you to share it with your readers and followers too because you’ll never know; maybe other people may learn from it.

- Darrell and Timmy

Darrell and Timmy have been avid visitors of (check out their wedding announcement in and we are glad to learn how has helped them in their wedding preparations. Now we are honored to share their love story to everybody, beautifully written in their own words. 

We hope their story will not only inspire you but will also encourage you to share your own story to our wedding community. As they aptly shared, "you’ll never know; maybe other people may learn from it."
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September 13, 2011 Real Weddings: Italian Mafia - Black Vintage Wedding

Angelica and Marco on their
wedding attires by
Edward Teng Couture
Wedding Photo
by Francis' Portraits
For newlyweds Angelica De Asis and Marco Barinos, black is not simply a color. Black brings back memories of their unforgettable wedding and their true dedication to the meaning of family. Inspired by the movie Godfather and the 1920s theme, the De Asis-Barinos nuptial was certainly a wedding affair to remember forever.

Italian Mafia-Inspired
Angelica and Marco has always been a fan of movies and personalities set in the 1920s where honour, pride and family ties governed all decisions. Al Capone, John Dillinger and other infamous personalities of those times had lifestyles the couple find interesting.

Even though they lived like kings in their own worlds, they never forgot the value of family and honour. These are the values that Angelica and Marco would want to have with the families they have and the family that they will be starting after marriage.

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September 9, 2011 Real Weddings: A Filipino-Chinese Wedding

West and Coleen after the wedding
Photo by Dino Lara Photography
Weddings are celebrations made up of an array of traditions, beliefs and values. Coming from a purely Chinese family, West Ni and his Filipina wife decided to celebrate their wedding twice to honor both Chinese and Filipino practices. The couple shares with how both cultures made their wedding more colorful and memorable.

On being a “Chi-noy” Couple
Some people would question the compatibility of two persons because of the difference in their culture and nationality. But just as West and Coleen shares, being Chinese and Filipina was never an issue from the start.

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September 2, 2011

A 9/11 Wedding

Who said that the date September 11 (9/11) will never bring good memories especially to Americans? Couple Eddie Casinover and Christine Briggs disagree.

Last September 11, 2001, Eddie Casinover was a 19 year old soldier stationed in Europe while Christine Briggs was 20 and unpacking boxes in Raleigh, N.C. when a roommate's mother told her about the news of the attack on the World Trade Center. 

After 10 years since the incident, the couple decided to claim the national day of grief and solemn remembrance and make it into a celebration of friends, family and hope as the Americans victoriously captured the Al Qaeda leader, Bin Laden.

The 9/11 Wedding Contest
Casinover and Briggs where introduced by Casinover's Army buddies. They decided to get married after they got engaged on their fifth anniversary. Money was tight, and at one point, they are considering to just elope or have a simple civil ceremony. Fortunately, Casinover joined Musket Ridge Gold Club's Love and Liberty Wedding Giveaway where the major prize was a wedding hosted by the scenic golf club and a sit-down dinner reception for 150 guests, all of which amounting to $15,000.

They won the contest and will be getting married this Sept. 11, honoring that day with the most important occasion of their lives.

Sharing the same objective, Musket Ridge opened the contest as a giveaway, noticing how civilians were reluctant to do anything celebratory on that date.  In contrast, first responders and the military feel the opposite. They are proud to have risked their lives defending freedom and they would not let the terrorists have that date. The contest was launched after Bin Laden's capture.

The Winning Couple
Call it a sign or a blessing, even with only two months of wedding planning, everything was coming into place especially because of the community support and appreciation to the significance of their wedding date. Several wedding suppliers – from bridal make up artist to wedding photographer – donated their services for the couple.

Casinover laughingly shared that he has never really won anything in his life til he joined that fateful contest. And they hope that their luck will help change 9/11 to a day of grief no more.  

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